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Outgoing email servers are used to send personal or business emails. Some of them are offered by the Internet Service Providers or web hosts and they are very unreliable when tons of emails have to be sent at once. In addition, these outgoing mail servers are rarely maintained and their service delivery is never consistently good. Dedicated email sending servers are good alternatives but they are terribly expensive for an entry-level entrepreneur. Besides buying a dedicated server you need an IT expert to monitor and maintain it around the clock. So, is there a better solution? Yes, there is a solution– the SMTP2GO.

What is SMTP2GO and why do you need it?
SMTP2Go is a multinational company based in New Zealand. Formed in 2006, by Charles, the company’s purpose is to remove email sending restrictions imposed on users by their ISPs or internet cyber cafes. Its SMTP server makes it possible for anyone to send emails from any part of the world without being blocked by the local ISPs.

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It is a robust SMTP solution for businesses that want to send loads of emails from any remote region. SMTP2GO is a very necessary outgoing email server to have today. It puts reliability of service above all things. Serving more than thirteen thousand customers globally, this outgoing email server provider guarantees nearly one hundred percent uptime. Additionally, SMTP2GO is very serious about keeping the highest possible server status and monitoring is done endlessly.

Hosted at Servint, in the USA, the company’s servers deliver emails quickly and safely. Being a global SMTP service, SMPT2GO will let you send emails from any country regardless of the software you prefer to use. You can use the php, iPhone, outlook, xerom or any and the service delivery will be excellent. The bulk of business emails you want to send or the size of your business does not matter.

This is a world-wide compliant SMTP solution. The company provides reports in real time. You will be able to send, receive and track emails any time you want. The company’s reports will reveal all emails that are getting in your clients’ inbox or spam folders. With this information you will be able to solve email reception issues with your clients.


How SMPT2GO Works
The company offers two types of plans: one for individuals and another one for businesses. Each plan has up to six levels that are priced differently. So in order to begin using SMPT2GO services you should choose the price plan you are comfortable with. After this you will get your SMTP username and password. Then you will setup the outgoing server you have just bought according to the email software you normally use. You will definitely be guided through this idiot-proof program. It will be important to make sure that you have the ports supported by the SMTP2GO program: 25, 587, 2525 and 8025. If you are a user of Windows Vista or Windows 7, you may have to install Telnet.

It is an application that will let you determine whether one of the above-mentioned ports is blocked from your end. But you should note that when one port is blocked the service will still run. They however insist that you always ensure the port 2525 is active. If you intend to send to lists that have over one hundred email addresses, SMTP2GO will impose a few restrictions. It means that you can still send your emails but you must ensure that your lists are totally opt-ins and up-to-date. Furthermore you must provide an opt-out link at the bottom of the emails and avoid violating the SMTP2GO terms of service.

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Online shopping may seem challenging to many but it is really a pleasant experience if you have a good knowledge on how to go about it. Nowadays, it is very easy to get any item you want just at a click of the button and there are numerous online platforms where you can easily get different types of the items you are looking for. However you need to be very careful to avoid falling in the many risks associated with this type of shopping. The following guidelines can help you a great deal any time you want to shop online


Before you do the shopping, ensure that first you understand what you wish to buy. You also need to ensure that you are purchasing on a website that is secure, the best ecommerce websites are very popularly known and if you are not sure it is good to ask for assistance. Some websites provide a place where the customers can give their testimonials or reviews and rate the website. Follow up to see that the website has positive testimonials from the clients to ensure that you have no chances of losing your money. Observe keenly all the descriptions that accompany the item. If you are looking for a new item, look at its condition to see if it’s new or used. In many occasions, the conditions are normally provided to the seller alongside with the item. Some sites also show the number of transactions made by customers, ensure you have no doubt about the site from which you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask for clarification if anything is not clear to you.

It is good to understand the process of delivery to be used. In various circumstances, you may find that the shipping cost might exceed the cost of the product itself. It is good to do your calculations well; otherwise you will find yourself buying the product at a higher cost than buying it from the shop just next to you. Ask yourself these questions, what are the terms of the contract? What time will the product be shipped? How long will it take to reach me? If the product does not reach me will I be compensated? Of course these are the factors to be considered before you make your order. Some merchants may put some limitations in their transactions and if you are not keen you might end up getting very disappointed.


Having all the details now, you need to choose one appropriate way of paying for your order. Before making your payment, it is necessary to understand all the available methods of payment. Secure online payment platforms such as paypal can work out a great deal. The issue here is to get quality for your money and ensure a safe transaction. This method also ensures that your credit card details are not exposed to another party as you do your transaction.

To many people, online shopping such as can be a great fun. If you stick to the above tips, you will reduce the risk levels and have an enjoyable shopping and save some money. Happy online shopping